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Nope. We have to use the word "theory" and circumscribe it in some way or substitute a description for any term. "The principles relevant to the organizing of working-class resistance to Czarist autocracy in Russia shortly after 1900, with suggestions as to the best organization of a party under these conditions." The Chinese were saying something (at least to begin with) when they referred to (what is translated as) MarxISM-LeninISM-Mao ze dong THOUGHT." This meant (at least originally) that Marxism-Leninism was a unversal theory of social organization during the period of imperialism and applied to all nations at all times furing this stage of capitalism, but Mao Thought applied only to the particular conditons of China in the 1930s. When, later, they started talking about "Mao's Theory of the Three Worlds" they were claiming to put forth a theory for the World Revolution as a whole, essentially a dogmatic extension of the United Front (as practiced in China) to the whole world, and they really came close to setting up the following equations:

Germany (1930s) = Soviet Union (1970s)

United Front Against Fascism (uniting SU with US) 1930s = United Front against Social Fascism (1970s), uniting China, the U.S. and all good communists against the Soviet Union, the new fascist power.

And many (not all) of those involved in the "new Communist Movement" in the U.S. in th 70s went along with this!

I'm saying that in the rigorous sense of Theory (as in Theory of Gravity etc) there is no such thing as Revolutionary Theory, because there are no 'universal' principles that a revolutionary party any place in the world must follow. And we don't have a decent word to describe what we need _except_ "Thoeyr" with paragraphs of qualification.


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