[lbo-talk] Platypus: what we are, what we do, and why

Joseph Catron jncatron at gmail.com
Fri Apr 9 14:11:28 PDT 2010

You fellows would be more convincing if you would would explain exactly what these differences are. Simply alleging "there is a difference" barely improves on a guessing game.

Doug, I'm not sure that exempting alleged nation-states from an anti-imperialist line would even put us in opposition to most of the world's imperial nastiness. The Nazis also perpetuated quite a bit of it in territories they considered German, not always without some historical justification.

Bhaskar, I really have no idea what your message is supposed to mean. Absolutely none. Would you perhaps care to explain what you're talking about? Brevity is a virtue, but I promise not to hold it against you if you go over 25 words this time.

On Fri, Apr 9, 2010 at 4:57 PM, Bhaskar Sunkara <bhaskar.sunkara at gmail.com>wrote:

And, as I keep saying, in addition to what Doug mentions there is a
> difference between 1865 and society reliant on slave-labor and 1945.
> On Fri, Apr 9, 2010 at 4:38 PM, Doug Henwood <dhenwood at panix.com> wrote:
> > Well, as I keep saying, there's a difference between reintegrating a
> > portion of one's country that lost a civil war and occupying a foreign
> > country.

-- "Hige sceal þe heardra, heorte þe cenre, mod sceal þe mare, þe ure mægen lytlað."

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