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At 10:43 AM 4/8/2010, SA wrote:
>shag carpet bomb wrote:
>>See also: Eric's recent post about trying to avoid the
>>patronizing position that these other people can't possibly have a
>>politics and that anything that smacks of a politics that's supportive
>>of u.s. intervention or NATO intervention has to be the work of the
>>CIA or somesuch horse shit.
>>We've disagreed on that topic before though. I don't recall who was in
>>the convo though. The disagreement is that the resonsing is supposedly
>>circular. To which my response is, yeah, so the fuck what?
>Which reasoning is supposedly circular? And how?

I wish I could remember the convo and check the archives as to what was specifically said. The argument started b/c Carrol said something like: we, as white leftists, have to listen to what black activists say and advance their positions.

To which Doug replied to say that 90% of black voters support the democratic party, so what does that mean? vote for democrats and become democratic party activists? I stepped in to say that what Carrol probably meant is that we should be listening to black _left_ activists.

Someone asked me if this wasn't just a bit circular. I seem to recall that I got busy and never answered the question but my answer probably would have been something like: yeah. so?

man. looks like i have to read the Platypus thread in depth to find out what got everyone fired up.


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