[lbo-talk] Platypus Review publishes Racists

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Surely you know, J! Doing so leads to over-attachment to the mother, insufficient identification with the father and all kinds of social psychopathologies! If body-neurotic and fluid phobic Christian modernists hadn't rejected such kinds of anti-progressive tendencies in the 19th C God knows what over-sexed, gender-confused, anti-capitalist culture would be globally hegemonic today... whatever you do, DO NOT romanticize these uncivilized, saggy-breasted people! Each and every child (and parents) needs highly intense and specific monitoring in order to make sure that Oedipal connections and separations occur on schedule... otherwise, well, everything that is magnificent and glorious about red-blooded, powerful, intelligent and fatherly western manhood (and associated affective and dependent pink, caring, emotional and motherly western womanhood) is at risk! Everything I tell you, EVERYTHING! A

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> What's wrong with being breast-fed till the age of eight?
> Quite common in tribal societies.
> Joanna
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> The latest issue of the Platypus Review has an article by the fanatical
> anti-Muslim racists of the "Initiative Sozialistisches Forum" of Freiburg.
> This is an organization that publishes nasty little racist tracts making
> claims
> about the psychopathology of Muslim males allegedly breast fed until the
> age of
> 8 (For a refutation of this filth, see here (in German):
> <
> http://abdelkader.blogsport.de/2010/08/07/wird-der-islamische-junge-8-jahre-gestillt/
> >
> )
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