[lbo-talk] Platypus Review publishes Racists

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[WS:] It inhibits ovulation - I remember from my anthro class that breast feeding was a sort of "natural birth control" used in primitive societies- so I would imagine that prolifers might find it offensive.


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> What's wrong with being breast-fed till the age of eight?
> Quite common in tribal societies.
> Joanna
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> The latest issue of the Platypus Review has an article by the fanatical
> anti-Muslim racists of the "Initiative Sozialistisches Forum" of Freiburg.
> This is an organization that publishes nasty little racist tracts making claims
> about the psychopathology of Muslim males allegedly breast fed until the age of
> 8 (For a refutation of this filth, see here (in German):
> <http://abdelkader.blogsport.de/2010/08/07/wird-der-islamische-junge-8-jahre-gestillt/>
> )
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