[lbo-talk] Von Hayek was wrong

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Sat Apr 2 13:26:18 PDT 2011

Adam Proctor:

"There definitely is duh a thing. But those judgments must be made in the context of actually-existinga labor movements. In the absence of movements, one cNnot blame a worker for beig forced to accept harsh working conditions, even to work with no pay."

Yes! It is _always_ wrong to make any moral judgment whatever of individuals in abstraction from the existence of collective action. And I would apply this not onAnd I would apply this not on to those who are desperate but also to those who are relatively prosperous. It is incorrect, even anti-political and therefore pro-capitalist, to make moral judgments of the isolated individual, whether he/she is on the streets or making a few hundred thousand a year.

The topic of conversation for a leftist is collective struggle, how to relate to it, how to contribute to its development, never to the activity of the isolated individual.



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