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King Solomon, or whoever wrote The Song of Songs. The Rose of Sharon is seriously up for it.

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> Well, there's something like "rape" in Fountainhead, but it's arguably
> invited. The woman who is put upon actually whips the man who later attacks
> her, construing the whipping as an invitation, which it is. So it's a mixed
> story.
> Otherwise, no rape anywhere else. But the sex is always a titanic
> conflagration of reciprocal wills.
> I have always thought sex a fascinating, interesting, and ecstatic
> possibility....but grew up in a world that, at best, commodified the whole
> thing, so I found this aspect of Rand attractive when I was a teenager. When
> I got older, I realized even the sex in Rand was simplistic but ....
> ....I know she's a hack writer with delusions of grandeur, but I do thank
> her for that. There's very little literature in which a female character
> gets to desire, explore, and enjoy sex...other than Lawrence. I'm trying to
> think who writes about female sexuality in a half-way good
> way....hmmmmm....Donne, Chaucer, Collette....
> ???
> Joanna
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