[lbo-talk] the decline of men

Chuck Grimes c123grimes at att.net
Fri Apr 15 11:36:14 PDT 2011

Lady Gaga's Vagina Almost Fooled Us into Forgetting about Her Penis

Dennis Claxton


That's hilarious. I had no idea Lady Gaga was running a transgender trip... I tried to figure out why Dawyne liked her music and clicked around a long time ago, but never got much and gave up bothering. Just another media thing.

Shagg wants to know: ``but why IS something ugly equated with a woman's crotch? why Chuck? Why?''

Don't ask me. I didn't post the link. I clicked there, saw, and wondered what's the big deal? Got no idea.

As for that elevator stuff, most people around here at my level of employment never talk like that in any place I ever worked. They could think it, but it is considered highly rude. But then again, I've worked in a very politically aware social context, so who knows. Occasionally over drinks with the boys, some of that sexist shit would come out, but it was guarded and half said.

What I saw were guys who hadn't grown up much because they never could afford to get married, make a family and get out of their dead end working class lives. They couldn't afford to go to college either, even if they wanted to.


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