[lbo-talk] Blog Post: Ten Years on the Road, Part One

MICHAEL YATES mikedjyates at msn.com
Sun Apr 17 10:32:11 PDT 2011

Full at http://blog.cheapmotelsandahotplate.org/2011/04/17/ten-years-on-the-road/

We're driving in a dust storm somewhere in the Navajo Nation in Arizona. We’ve just passed “Church Rock,” and to the north in Utah is The Valley of the Gods. We can barely see the road, and the tumbleweeds are dancing on the highway, careening off the windshield and dashing madly across the desert. 660 AM is on the radio, the Voice of the Navajo Nation, broadcasting from Window Rock, Arizona. We listen to the Navajo language , not comprehending a word, waiting, and then the DJ says, “Skeeter Davis, The End of the World.” The interjection of English always startles us. . . .

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