[lbo-talk] Anti-Snyder protest draws thousands in Michigan

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Sun Apr 17 13:04:06 PDT 2011

I've been to many a demonstration there and elsewhere. Never before have I seen it where the main protesters are construction trades unionists, carpenters, pipefitters, masons, plumbers, the Real Joe Plumbers, Kid Rock fans. I think the Confederates have joined the Union. Jesse Ventura's..., and firefighters, and police, even. This is the "Middle Class", self-designated; The Reagan Democrats have come home to roost. Finally , Reaganism has eaten through the poorer layers of the working class and is starting to such blood from the Middle. Comrade, we've got contact. Contact

This is a large sample of the many messages from the People at the demo in Lansing April 13.

          The two main organized chants and sign slogans were:

We , ("are" inserted here) the People / We are One

           What does democracy look like ? This is what democracy looks like.

           Recall Rick ( many signs and chants)            www.recallricksnyder.org            Ricks gotta go ( chant) now ! today !            Recall Rick to protest pension tax            Snyder: A tough nerd or a bully            Recall Tricky Dick            Recall the Rickalator            Dethrone King Richard            Stop King Snyder Attack            Recall Rick: This is our house            Snyder: Enemy of Democracy            Snyder; Robin Hood in reverse            Snyder like a Spider Sucks            Governor Snyder State of the State address (picture of

Darth Vader under this)            Fire Rick for Michigan            Real Nerds "heart" Education            Snyder Corporate Crook            Snyder: You were elected governor, not Ricktator            Recall Them All            Recall the Nerd            Rick's shit doesn't stick            Hey Snyder How would you like to trade incomes or better

yet my penision            Snyder ran as a nerd, rules as a turd            Gov. Snyder needs a heart ( picture of the tin man in the

Wizard of            Oz) Stop the Attacks            Rolled by Rick            Snyder Michigan's Tsunami            Your Legacy : Broken Promises ( printed sign)            Save the Middle Class; Recall Snyder            Snyder and Bing, I am Donald Trump. You are fired            Your word should be your honor (printed)            Lets fire Rick

           Union banners and signs:            UA Local 370, Flint Michigan Plumbers and Pipe fitters            Sheetmetal workers            Michigan Laborers            Liuna builds America            Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 333            Proud member UAW 602            Unite Here            International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Comstock Park,            Michigan, Local 876            United Association of Local Unions (Ann Arbor)            Value on Display Every Day            OPEIU against attacks on unions            Together Insulators in Solidarity (hard hat)            IBEW Local 557, Saginaw            APWU            Bricklayers and Allied Craftmen AFL/CIO CFL organized 1865            Amalgamated Transit Union Local 26            USW Local 9899 "Solidarity"            OPEIU nurses council            UAW Local 412,

           My Union is my Voice            The rich get richer and the poor get taxed            Big Business must share the sacrifice            The People should plan the budget            Fight the Attack on the American Dream ( UAW printed)            Stop the War on the Workers            We are one /Respect our rights            That's not right            In support of public education            Don't balance MI budget on kids, state employees, or pensions            Mess with the Middle Class and we multiply            Michigan Gateway to Hell            Legislators Stop Attack on Middle Class ( printed sign)            Privatization won't work            "Privatization" crossedout            Public Employees are not the enemy            Where's Robin Hood when we need him            GOP ? More like MOB            Lobbyists political prostitutes            Respect our rights            Support students and working families against the attacks on the Middle Class            Tax the Rich            I pay taxes. Why don't corporations            We are patriots (American flag)            Greed            I am a Liberal Christian            We support working families            Invest in Education            State workers pay taxes too            Some Cuts Never Heal            Michigan Labor Unions are not the problem            Never forget who paved the way for rights we have today            Unfair to childcare, Unfair to teachers, Unfair to retirees            We are the People, not the CEO's -UFCW 876            We are the People, workers , students, seniors            Fund Public Education            Collective Bargaining : The New Civil Rights Fight            Jobs, USA's number one export            Workers Unite Now            Unions made America workable            Sprinklers save lives            No pension tax            Give me five: organize, build power win justice ( UAW)            My union is a voice of reason            Fair ( crossed out)            Corporations are not peopl            Michigan is not for sale            Vote Republicans Out            Unfair: No pension tax            Turn around America; Good Jobs Now ( UAW banner)            United We Stand            Peace            Fighting for All Workers

           Emergency Financial Manager(crossed out) , Dictator (written in in            plaxce of "Manager")            EFM : taxation without representation

           First They Came for the Trade Unionists            Veterans deserve quality care            Don't tax Grandma            We care for our vets

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