[lbo-talk] Transition to capitalism in Cuba

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Tue Apr 19 11:10:13 PDT 2011

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Which leads me to another thing: As far as I can tell, the main driving force of these changes is not a bunch of corrupt bureaucrats/proto capitalists trying to legitimize their ill-gotten (or to be gotten) wealth, setting conditions were they will overtly and shamelessly act as capitalists. I am not saying that this element is entirely absent. I'm saying that it is not the driving force of the process. These changes are mostly being demanded by young people who view them as necessary conditions for them to access basic goods and things indispensable nowadays to make your personal life modestly productive and, hence, free. It is nonsensical to say it, but -- to paraphrase Monedero -- a revolution has to trust the people on whose name it is carried out. That, in and by itself, does not guarantee a successful outcome, but the alternative seems worse.


Thanks Julio. This is very encouraging.


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