[lbo-talk] John McCain Lauds Anti-Gadhafi Force During Libya Visit

ken hanly northsunm at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 22 08:43:33 PDT 2011

The U.S. seems to be shifting its policy as far as optics is concerned. At first the U.S. especially some military such as Gates were reluctant even to become directly involved..Then there was a very effective mobilization of a coalition led by France and the UK to engineer the UN resolution but with US support as cover for intervention on the side of the rebels in the guise of a humanitarian mission to protect the innocent. There has never been an attempt to enforce the embargo involved as far as the rebel side is involved and the coalition has never pressed for a cease fire and negotiated solution as demanded by the resolution. The resolution however had the support of the Arab league. This point was stressed by the U.S. even though most support seems to be from Qatar and is quite limited.

The US more or less had to lead the first wave of attacks that disabled Gadaffis air force and air defenses. Humanitarian interventions first move is always to leave the other side defenseless against massively superior air power. Of course the rebels are still open to attack but then Libyan casualties are one thing allied casualties quite another. The rebels will be thankful for the weakening of Gadaffi's forces. They will be motivated to continue pressing for regime change, sabotage any peace attempts, and do what the coalition wants without any casualties to coalition partners and to the cheers of many liberals in coalition countries.But after the U.S. led the first missions it then turned over the lead to NATO and let the UK and France continue to laud their own heroic actions! Now it seems the U.S. must think that it could gain kudos and perhaps influence with a new government if it again stresses its involvement. Thus you have a McCain visit and also the announcement that U.S. drones will be deployed. Of course the CIA has also been authorized to take unspecified actions.

Cheers, ken

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On Fri, Apr 22, 2011 at 11:59 AM, Doug Henwood <dhenwood at panix.com> wrote:
> Wow, how times change! In less than two years!!

Good find, Doug.

I´m not sure if people like McCain are aware of the damage actions like these create to the legitimacy of the United Nations, or perhpas they do and do this on purpose.

Until I read this I could defend the UN resolution and claim with a straight face that there was no nefarious imperialistic US involvement with second intentions... seeing McCain visiting a city in the middle of the conflict surrounded by American flags, well, blows away any moderate position and gives food to the Gaddafists who decried "Imperialism!" the minute this started.


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