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You guys are misunderstanding me. I feel neither affection nor admiration for Bellow. Only wonderment that someone with so much talent could squander it to such a degree.

I mean obviously Bernini could sculpt, but the result is embarrassing.

It's not enough to have talent, it also helps to be born at the right time in the right place, like Donatello.


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> > As for Bellow: Augie March was dazzling writing!
> > A hugely talented writer with not much to say.
> > The Bernini of American literature.
> That's a very funny comparison, especially for a
> guy like me who's always been firmly in the Borromini
> camp. But even as a non-fan of Bernini I think it's
> too flattering to Bellow. Not only does he have
> nothing to say, but to my ear, he's damn tedious
> saying it -- all these wooly abstractions constantly
> slung around, imprecise, vaguely-sketched images,
> metaphors that don't click....
> But Joanna is in good company. Philip Roth, a writer
> I adore, thinks very highly of boring old Uncle Saul.
> Go figure.


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