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Well, Naipaul is Trinidadian (in addition to being a prick and a reactionary) not Indian. My family is Indo-Trinidadian, so I had him shoved down my throat as a kid, but as far as a literary talent, I think him and his late brother, Shiva, are worthy of attention. He has some classics under his belt.

Luckily, thanks to the Trinidad-connection, I also had access to plenty of CLR James, as well.

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> Oh and second the motion about Naipaul. Ugh!
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> Yeah, I tried to read him but couldn't. It's interesting though that the
> West slobbers all over this constipated scribbler, but ignores R.K. Narayan,
> one of the great writers of the 20th century. The Chekhov of India if you
> will.
> You can't even get his books here easily. Someone on lbo wrote a friend in
> India who sent me all his books. Oh, the ecstasy of it!!!
> I suspect the reason Naipaul is preferred to Narayan is because Naipaul
> worries about the West whereas Narayan can't even be bothered to mention it.
> And worse than that, fucking Naipaul won the fucking Nobel.
> Ugh,
> Joanna
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