[lbo-talk] Typewriters R.I.P.

Dennis Claxton ddclaxton at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 28 00:20:52 PDT 2011

At 11:22 PM 4/27/2011, Jordan Hayes wrote:

>Er ... even Kodachrome is (was) a "digital analog" -- about 20mpel worth.

But isn't Chuck talking about what this article doesn't, i.e. what happens after the image is captured-- what the author calls "other factors such as post processing...etc." I think Chuck's talking from inside the darkroom.

>There are several important
>elements needed to capture a quality image:
>• The lens. How sharp is it? How good is the image
>• The sensor physical size. How big should it be?
>• Sensor performance, dynamic range and noise.
>• Other factors such as post processing of the
>image, anti-aliasing filter, colour artefacts, white
>balance etc.
>The last two are equally important in the context of
>capturing a quality image, but this article will consider
>the first two in more detail since these address the
>subject directly: “How many mega-pixels is optimum?”

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