[lbo-talk] Blow a Whistle, Go to Jail - For 30 Years

c b cb31450 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 29 12:57:41 PDT 2011


> CB; I believe you were sort of exclaiming in exasperation when you
> said we will soon need a license to speak

Remind me someday to introduce you to the concepts of satire and performance art.

I do not "exclaim in exasperation" - at least not publicly, or in ways that are automatically archived, by default. Do you?

^^^^ CB: Ok I didn't mean to insult u. satire and performance would do it too. And yes I do exclaim in exasperation in public. Usually with a cuss word, swearing. I just said "Lord have mercy" (swearing) to Doug here last week. Well, there was a touch of sarcasm and performance art in it , but I was exasperated. Exaggeration for effect. Clowning.

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