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On Fri, 29 Apr 2011 12:17:48 -0400 c b <cb31450 at gmail.com> writes:
> ]
> No. It drew largely an audience of Rand fans or wannabe fans. They
> were already sold on the "ideas."
> But it was a BAD movie. We're not talking "Triumph of the Will"
> here.
> Joanna
> ^^^^
> CB: I guess I'm not surprised. I was sort of half kidding that
> Hollywood would put out an anti-capitalist propaganda film
> (smiles).
> That's a pretty teeny, tiny group they were relying on. A sect
> even.
> But aren't just about all Hollywood movies bad ? ( I think we had a
> thread on that a while back). Most block buster, record setters are
> bad, from my impression. Being a bad movie doesn't necessarily
> mean
> it won't be a big money maker, no ?
> I know this has been discussed be4, but wasn't Rand a Hollywood
> screenwriter ?

Yes, she was. She had a passion for American films from the time that she was a young girl in Russia. After completing her university degree work in St. Petersburg, she was sent to film school for one year. Then she spent some time afterward working on Bolshevik propoganda films, before emigrating to the US. In the US, she lived for a while with relatives in Chicago, then she headed for California, where she attempted to find work in Hollywood. Since at that time her English was not too good, she was only able to find menial work in the film industry. She worked for a while in the costuming department at Cecil B. DeMille's studio. She also did occasional work as a movie extra too. That's how she met her future husband Frank O'Connor. As her English improved, she was able to find work as a script doctor. Then, she was able to move on to do screen writing.

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