[lbo-talk] "Natural Capitalism"

Adam Proctor proctorvt at gmail.com
Fri Apr 29 19:01:31 PDT 2011

>> Reinvest in natural capital. Capital begets more capital; a company that
>> depletes its own capital is eroding the basis of its future prosperity.
>> Pressures on business to restore, sustain, and expand natural capital are
>> mounting as human needs expand, the costs of deteriorating ecosystems rise, and
>> the environmental awareness of consumers increases. Fortunately, these pressures
>> all create business opportunity.
> You could write a book on the delusions packed into this little paragraph, couldn't you?
> Doug

The most disturbing thing in that passage (and that is saying a lot) is the unexplored assumption of "natural capital"--that any and all products of nature are open to capitalist appropriation and thus not available for the purposes of social production. It's not hard to see how capitalists use words and economics as weapons against the masses. Neoclassical economics is not a science; it is a giant hammer to bludgeon the rest of us over the head with...

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