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Thu Aug 4 15:22:09 PDT 2011

It's amazing how moralizing you are considering your opposition to moralizing.

But I am not persuaded. You want to somehow separate systemic issues from their manifestation in individuals and that's not possible because nothing exists outside of its specific manifestation.

Supidity is almost never a manifestation of lack of intelligence; it is almost always the manifestation of systemic biases. It is in this sense that the generals who ordered cavalry charges against machine guns in WWI were stupid.

If the common understanding is that the ruling class is being stupid, I think there is reason to respect this understanding because I believe it is more correct in more important ways than your nuanced and bloodless analysis.

And I mean this very seriously. Same goes for the judgment of the "evils" of capitalism.


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On 8/4/2011 3:31 PM, 123hop at comcast.net wrote: given the amount of accumulated stupidity in the system.

"Stupidity" may be the public's response on a poll, but it should not be the response of any leftist trying to make a serious analysis. Once againthe fatal error of confusing wrong opinion with lack of intelligence.

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