[lbo-talk] Stock Markets vs the Real Economy

Chuck Grimes c123grimes at att.net
Wed Aug 10 21:47:12 PDT 2011

``Almost 90% are made in the USA. Of course, the domestic total is boosted by services­but even durable goods are 12% China, 67% U.S.'' Doug


We've been round and round this circle about minimum impact of Chinese goods and services. Instead of Chinese consider the Asian Pacific Rim which we should include instead of just China.

All I can say is, it does not correspond to my immediate preception and experience of the world.

There is a nuclear catastrophy test. Stop Asian imports and see what happens to the US economy. It will not be a 3 to 12 percent impact.

What I am telling you all is that cheap asian labor is artifically supporting the US standard of living. This is somehow under dispute?

Okay don't believe me. Encourage the west coast longshoremen to strike west coast ports and then test the 3 to 12 percent impact.

In reality the California economy would crash and bring the rest of the US with it.

Forget it. There is no way to get through SA and Doug's mind set, not even a collective of Mike Perelman, Julio Huato, a bunch of listmembers who are lurkers and including the errant cb and me.

Go with it guys. Let's talk later.

You all meaning SA and Doug keep demanding argument and respond with bullshit, personal put downs, or one line snot refutations. Well screw you. Fucking make an argument or cool, I am outta here. That China amounts to nothing in the US economy is blatant bullshit.

I am tired of this fancy dancing just like I got sick of endless celebrations of Walter Suck Ben Michels. He was an outright asshole and wrong. He was about some ego position, and he didn't even write well. So fuck him.

This argument is about intellectual positioning and crediability in the written word for which I could care less. In fact I despise it as some bullshit art world status thing among writers.



ps. Since I am a hapless romantic I will probably come crawling back but at the moment I am thoroughly pissed with this denial sensibility. I love you but fuck you.

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