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Thu Aug 11 08:43:20 PDT 2011

I do have to say that while Sandy Pasch is a very nice person, I was annoyed by two things. After taking up the candidacy, she really didn't shoot out the door aggressively and make herself heard until very near the time of the fake primaries...and not to overemphasize the importance of political signage, but I happen to live on a main thoroughfare in her district and it was weeks upon weeks until they even got signs for us, though we asked them repeatedly. Meanwhile, Darling had two huge signs in her yard on the same street just up the street from us and made sure to get signs out early.

Second, Pasch's platform was wishy-washy talk mostly about not losing more ground, and very very little discussion of any positive agenda. There was an inherent agenda in how she framed what shouldn't be lost by fighting the Republican attack, but Doug is right, she did very little to no discussion of collective bargaining issues...merely about the "need to support our teachers and education." And a really annoying tact was her repeated statements that "Darling has changed, she no longer represents us." HUH?! What kind of nonsense is that? When did she ever represent anyone but River Hills and Mequon wealthy conservatives? That has been her agenda all along.

But Pasch did have a genuine grassroots activist base getting out and supporting her. There were 70 people at any time in the offices and I can only guess how many were out on the streets. I went by Darlings headquarters on election day and it was almost empty...she won by top down corporate activism and disciplined conservatives galvanized by their churches and their more disciplined personality types and such.


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> Does not the former explain the latter? I honestly doubt that
> any openly pro-union candidate would have a realistic chance of
> winning elections in most jurisdictions.

We don't know, do we?


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