[lbo-talk] the London looting is anti-politics for the Internet Age

John Gulick john_gulick at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 16 13:25:37 PDT 2011

ROBERTS posted: "Education reform is about quantification, then monetization of training for jobs and consumerism, and its content is not from the school, but from the business community, from Wikipedia and from Google... Go to a university campus and witness the career focus, the class distinctions, the conservatism ETC ETC ETC" GULICK writes: Perhaps I'm more susceptible to the claims of this breezy essay than I should be, but maybe it's because I taught in a university department(incidentally, one outside the US) where 1) a central component of the curriculum is "practical training" in social media tools andWeb2.0 platforms and 2) a large transnational company that makes consumer electronic gadgets is collaboratively shaping some ofthe curriculum. This department is in a "traditional" discipline and this is not a University of Phoenix-type institution; it is a Top 10 (tm) university in the country in which it is located. All of this is advertised in the open; it is not cursorily hidden as some kind of "open secret."In fact it is a selling point for student recruitment and it works. "Customer-friendly" edutainment does have its own circular justification, after all.

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