[lbo-talk] Gorbachev: I Should Have Left the Communist Party Earlier

Michael Pollak mpollak at panix.com
Wed Aug 17 21:29:42 PDT 2011

On Wed, 17 Aug 2011, SA wrote:

> It's true that if someday the US empire collapses it would be (possibly) as
> consequential as the collapse of Communism. But even if it does happen, I
> doubt Bush can be held individually responsible to anything like the extent
> to which Gorbachev was individually responsible for the collapse of
> Communism.
> Although, to change the subject somewhat, I'm not sure I really understand
> what "the collapse of the US empire" would mean. Would Washington would be
> forced to tolerate leftist leaders in South America? Would it be unable to
> prevent friendly Arab dictators from being overthrown? Oh wait...

You may have answered your own question there. If that's Bush -- and it might well be, although it requires a counterfactual argument -- it's already pretty consequential.


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