[lbo-talk] Are Conservatives Racist?

123hop at comcast.net 123hop at comcast.net
Thu Aug 18 22:13:26 PDT 2011

I'm not arguing that any of this is not happening. But it's a bipartisan policy that's been going on for decades. What does the Tea Party have to do with it?

I agree with what Michael Perelman said the other day. The loss of Pacifica is more harmful to our cause than the Tea Party. And a big part of what's gutted Pacifica is a facile concentration on racism as the go to explanation for why the right is winning.


I wasn't thinking about the tea party. I was responding to your assertion that racism was not escalating.

Also, I don't think talking about racism is facile.

I mean, basically, the ruling class sucking up all the wealth has left less for everyone else. Racism is now being used to

-- set the working class against one another -- promote right wing parties as the party that has the balls to destroy some for the benefit of others

You want to call this something other than racism. I'm ok with that. But "racism" is the overt expression of this process.


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