[lbo-talk] Are Conservatives Racist?

Miles Jackson cqmv at pdx.edu
Fri Aug 19 20:12:47 PDT 2011

On 08/19/2011 07:20 PM, Julio Huato wrote:
> That is to be expected, because we all are a product of circumstances.
> But if you want your effort to bear fruit, you have to be willing to
> shed your prejudices. And it is the role of people in these movements
> to help you set yourself straight when your prejudices get in the way.
> These exercises in personal interaction can be very rough
> emotionally, and if the personal commitment is not very strong, people
> will waver and be tempted to withdraw back into their comfort zone,
> which is obviously a painful loss for both sides.

I've gone around about this with Julio before, but I feel compelled to point out that this is exactly backwards. It is not "shedding your prejudices" that will allow you to contribute to political struggles to overcome racism; it is the political struggles that will transform individual prejudices. In an oblique way, Julio's post reiterates SA's fallacious position: racism is an idea in individuals' heads.


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