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Bill Bartlett billbartlett at aapt.net.au
Wed Aug 24 16:46:03 PDT 2011

At 9:11 AM -0400 24/8/11, Wojtek S wrote:

>Doug: "Well, yeah, but how do you think a trial would go if the only
>witness had completely concocted a story about a gang rape in her
>[WS:] I think the case would have had a very different outcome if the
>defendant were not some stinking rich/high status bastard - probably
>prosecutors would have offered some "plea bargaining" agreement in
>exchange for a more lenient sentence, as it is often the case.
>Prosecutors enjoy a wide range of discretion in these matters, no?

So your complaint is that the rich get justice, rather than that the poor don't?

Essentially, the system would have denied a poor person a trial at all, by blackmailing them into pleading guilty. Whereas a rich person gets the special privilege of a trial because they can afford the massive expense entailed.

>In any case, whether Strauss-Kahn was "pillorized" by the gutter press
>or got away with a crime thanks to his status and wealth, the fact of
>the matter is that while the US has the highest per capita prison
>population in world - the rich are rarely prosecuted and almost never
>put behind bars in this country, except when they screw other rich.
>Can anyone deny that? Shane?

Perhaps. But the solution would be to extend justice to the poor, rather than give the rich equal treatment.

Bill Bartlett Bracknell Tas

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