[lbo-talk] Criminal malfeasance

c b cb31450 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 10:11:47 PDT 2011

Matt Taibbi wrote: "...it might be time to wonder if is this the most disappointing president we’ve ever had."

^^^^ CB; Obama may be the most disappointing President this generation of leftists has had. Clinton was probably as disappointing, though.

However, said disappointment derives from the unrealistic or exaggerated expectations projected onto Obama by some honestly, by some in amnesia about the political location of Obama's campaign , which was not left, but very centrist.

Not to mention it's really something of an American political tradition for Presidents deviate from campaign promises - something ignored in discussions of Obama. Yet another curious differential treatment of the Dark President.

"...we've ever had" is such an interesting claim. What President in the past have we had that satisfied "us" ? Who is "we" , anyway ? Jimmy Carter was not reelected. Does that mean he was disappointing ? What about Nixon ? He had to resign. What about Truman ? He started the Cold War, stabbing the Soviet Union in the back, and the Smith Act trials were prosecuted by his Justice Department. That was pretty disappointing to "us" after FDR. Wilson entered WWI after running on a platform of not entering WWI.

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