[lbo-talk] $39,000 handbag

Dennis Claxton ddclaxton at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 26 23:08:23 PDT 2011

At 12:00 PM 8/26/2011, Carrol stick-in-the-mud Cox wrote:

>What's special about an object for the wealthy carrying a dizzying price tag?

This is the Olsens moving out of the tween market. It's interesting as another indicator of the twilight of empire.

Are you trying to marshal what is and isn't worthy of note? Golly, I find that disturbing.

>Who are the Olsen's?

Progenitors of the aforementioned tween market. Twins allegedly born in Sherman Oaks, CA, but widely reported to be former occupants of interplanetary most extraordinary craft, who beamed onto a set at Warner Brothers and never left.

(btw, everyone is letting you off easy on the apostrophe professor. Who are the Olsen's what?)

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