[lbo-talk] Myth of the Labor Aristocracy & Opportunism

Joseph Catron jncatron at gmail.com
Sun Aug 28 08:50:58 PDT 2011

All right, as long as Carrol's determined to treat this silliness as an actual exchange (without addressing a single thing I say, of course): How do you presume to know what my values are? I happen to think that some of the analyses of the aristocracy of labor you pillory are quite valuable. And to the extent that "that virtually _all_ working-class revolutionary movements have been led by that so-called aristocracy of labor" - which isn't entirely true - it goes a long way toward explaining why that leadership, and the movements it controls, have rarely objected to imperial machinations that, in part, reinforce their petty privileges.

As for "the alleged aristocracy of labaor never g[etting] the alleged bribe," I suppose its time for me to repost this:


You know why people in Somalia don't enjoy your standard of living, Carrol? It isn't only because capitalism distributes resources inequitably; it's also because the resources needed to give six billion people your standard of living aren't there. Not even close. And there are reasons you get them and they don't.

If Carrol's next post includes a single meaningful response to anything I've written here, I'll be shocked.

On Sun, Aug 28, 2011 at 5:35 PM, Carrol Cox <cbcox at ilstu.edu> wrote:

> Joseph probably believed he was merely being genial with his friends and
> with his post reporting on it. But he stumbled on to an error that goes ba
> kas far as M&E themselves, who gave out this garbage about the the
> Aristocracy of Labor being bribed with the superprofits of imperialism;
> Lenin added his ve rsion. There are one or two other vrsions. All garbage.
> See the article by Charles Post in a recent issue of Historical Materialism.
> The theory is false on two counts. First the alleged aristocracy of labaor
> never got the alleged bribe and the so-called super-profits were not there
> to offer it. Secondly, it just so happens that virtually _all_
> working-class revolutionary movements have been led by that so-called
> aristocracy of labor.
> I share Joseph's feelings about Palestine. I have been involved in
> solidarity work with the Palestinians for 40+ years. But just because I
> support that cause I do not like even joking undercutting of the
> preconditions for building _effective_ support here of the Palestinian cause
> -- the struggle of the so-called "aristocracy of labor" to defend their
> so-called "privileges" against the ongoing attack on the u.s. working class
> (Battle against Austerity). All the moral harangues (tongue-in-cheek or
> otherwise) will not have an iota of impact on u.s. support for zionism. But
> strong social movements in the U.S., movements grounded in demandinbg better
> conditions of life HERE, will _also_ bring pressure to bear on U.S. support
> of Zionism. Joseph, unintentionall, shit on his own values.
> Carrol
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