[lbo-talk] It's complicated: President Obama and mass movement

Evergreen Readers and Writers editor at evergreenreaders.com
Mon Aug 29 17:50:17 PDT 2011

Instead of running campaigns against any president, instead of unmasking any person or president--the revolutionaries need to run campaigns against capitalism and unmask its various packages and terms and so-called values or ruthlessness-cum-imbecility--and the prospective extinction of bipeds' species due to a number of economic, political, cultural and other reasons.

Pity the presidents and others as well as the nations whose ... are ...

Khalil Gibran wrote a poem "Pity the Nation" in one of his books: something like: "Pity the nation whose statesmen are foxes". Now we can add postmodernist images of people to that. Pity the world whose people are machines.. Pity the System that prides itself in wars and violence..pity the people that call themselves Civilized while being... Pity the world that can produce abundance but whose people are starving... Pity the world that has uncountable empty houses but whose citizens are houseless... I have no readymade ideas about it--shall have to thing for a few days to compose it.

Person or persons need to portrayed for all their worth what they actually are--victims of the system, eloquent speakers that speak non-sense in colorful ways and photogenic presentation--giving themselves airs of grandness in a world filled with wretched slaves and idiots. A wise person is hard to find in our world, while idiots are all around us.

The best thing is to make Gulliver's Travels common to everyone and force its message into the heads of the beasts that call themselves civilized human beings.

For this, one has to understand capitalism and its demonic hunger and thirst for man-eating--which often is not for any intense avarice, or special wickedness, but because of intense need and drive for survival.

There was a famine in some parts of India (then Hindustan) when Taj Mahal was being constructed. Hundreds of thousands of people starved to death but the King's priority was to construct the mausoleum for the Mughal Empire.

We know very well that Alaxander (and all kings and queens) was an eloquent robber. And of the people that left Greece with him to conquer the world, just a handful could reach back to home--others either died or were slaughtered on the way. Can there be any raving madness higher than that? And is it justified or rational in front of our children to call Robber Alaxander by the name Alaxander the Great?


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