[lbo-talk] It's complicated: President Obama and mass movement

Duane Eareckson duaneeareckson at msn.com
Tue Aug 30 14:16:34 PDT 2011

Evergreen Readers and Writers wrote:
> We know very well that Alaxander (and all kings and queens) was an
> eloquent robber. And of the people that left Greece with him to
> conquer the world, just a handful could reach back to home--others
> either died or were slaughtered on the way. Can there be any raving
> madness higher than that? And is it justified or rational in front of
> our children to call Robber Alaxander by the name Alaxander the Great?

Yes, rational for the reproduction of raving lunatics.

Alexander the Great had Shahanshah-envy. We degenerates just like war.

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