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>> We should be deeply grateful to Vivaldi for lightening up Bach's music.

Bach's fondness for Vivaldi -- that odious tweedler -- is a great puzzle to me.

There *is* some good Vivaldi -- the little solo cantatas, for example. But all the orchestral stuff is awful.


No, not true. Is true he had to grind a lot of stuff out. He was the (very happy) musical director of a girl's orphanage in Venice. He composed music for them to play to support themselves.

He has some really beautiful oboe concertos. And a lot of beautiful other stuff too.

A lot of the "tweedle" is in how he is played. This is generally true with baroque music and Haydn's symphonic music, which is played very, very badly. I used to think all of Haydn's symphonies were total hack work. Then I heard one live, played by an orchestra who cared, on original instruments in a church in Berkeley, and I cried for a good twenty minutes. There were layers and layers and layers of stuff in there I had no idea existed in Haydn's music.


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