[lbo-talk] Egypt Islamists widen poll lead

123hop at comcast.net 123hop at comcast.net
Sat Dec 3 16:23:36 PST 2011

You're painting everything with too broad a brush.

Egypt is not divided between the secularists and the islamists.

The Islamists themselves are not necessarily opposed to collaborating with the West.

So it's not about Islam versus secular concerns. It's about neo-liberal (clothed in various stripes including soft/hard Islamists) vs the people in the streets.

60% turn out, still means 40% not showing up. Who are those 40%?

And why say the left isn't organizing. Those millions of people in the streets seem pretty organized.


----- Original Message ----- [WS:] True, but the secularists had the state apparatuses at their disposal, which is a very powerful organizing force. The same does not hold for liberals, though.

But in any case, these different attitudes toward organizing beg a question what explains this difference? Why is that assorted religious fanatics and right wingers in Egypt and elsewhere are busy organizing, while assorted secularists, liberals and left wingers are not?


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