[lbo-talk] Speaking of University Bashing...

shag carpet bomb shag at cleandraws.com
Fri Dec 9 03:50:35 PST 2011

<>> she used to be an english professor and <>> thinks english courses are only about fiction? <> <> It did look like a course by someone who was fed up with teaching <> English, and probably should be teaching on a political science <> degree. Still, what business is it of Beng’s how the college <> organise their curriculum?

Well, as Jordan Carrol pointed out, she's playing on u.s. anti-intellectualism.

"God damned colleges. Kids can't spell these days. No wonder. They go to English course and read Marx!"

There is a general assumption that what English is about is teaching fiction and poetry - the Great Works of Litterahchure.

And without those Great Works of Litterachure, we produce deranged mutants who don't know anything about the Great Dead White Guys of Civilization. A s such, this country is going straight to hell in a hand basket. No wonder we're losing jobs to China. No wonder we have no principles, no morals. If we don't shape up, it's the end of the world as we know it. The brown people will take over the world and all the white people will be dead or enslaved to the vengeful brownskinned people mobbing the earth. We will have to eat rice and beans and make us wear patchouli and crocs.

oh my god. oh my god. our students must be taught shakespeare in their English courses!

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