[lbo-talk] Climate War

Nicholas Roberts nicholas at themediasociety.org
Wed Dec 14 20:15:55 PST 2011

the planet is not fine, it is dying, its an ecocide

the ultra right End Times and oil industry neo-cons (mostly Republicans) actively defunded climate science with the civilian sector AND especially within the military and intelligence community

just like they defunded and sidelined realistic assessments about Russian nuclear and military power or the dangers of WMDs in Iraq they are creating a willful ignorance around climate change

its going to more like a world war than a nice neat adjustment in air conditioning

billions of desperate people will not react in an orderly way

you only have to look at the latest big heatwave to see how many people died in France for instance


also, if you think the OO Black Bloc are self-destructive, gift to power tools of repression than check-out the Deep Green Resistance event which has been stupidly pumped by the supposedly pacifist KPFA


the Deep Green Resistance folks want to create a network that actively drives the industrial civilization system to collapse.

Billions of people rely on this system, and so, that's a pretty big deal.

Who else wants systemic collapse? End Times religious right nutters aka Sarah Palin and many of the Republican Tea Party extremists that now pass for mainstream. The survivalist militia types.

Also, there are elite environmentalists like James Lovelock and indirectly cuddly personalities like David Attenborough who focus on the population bomb.

The Safari Club and many of the founders of WWF and other big conservation internationals come from a industrial-feudal base that wants 1/3 of the world wilderness (with I guess them living in eco-castles), 1/3 of the world cities (in the neoliberal global city model) and 1/3 of the world as industrial agriculture.

funnily enough, the Deep Green Resistance types (who intersect with the Black Bloc and anarcho-primitivists) have more in common with the End Times religious right and the neo-fuedal industrialists than the mass of humanity.

they are doing the dirty work, they are the patsey's


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