[lbo-talk] Climate War

Miles Jackson milesvjackson at comcast.net
Wed Dec 14 21:18:09 PST 2011

Nicholas Roberts wrote:

>the planet is not fine, it is dying, its an ecocide
>the ultra right End Times and oil industry neo-cons (mostly Republicans)
>actively defunded climate science with the civilian sector AND especially
>within the military and intelligence community
>just like they defunded and sidelined realistic assessments about Russian
>nuclear and military power or the dangers of WMDs in Iraq they are creating
>a willful ignorance around climate change
>its going to more like a world war than a nice neat adjustment in air
this is pretty anthropocentric. Sure, the world will be an awful place for humans, but many, many other species will thrive (consider how much better the world will be for cockroaches without humans and their pesky Raid cans). Why should we define a world as dying just because humans are so stupid that they provoke the environmental conditions that lead to their own demise?


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