[lbo-talk] Derrick Jensen Deep Green Astroturf

Nicholas Roberts nicholas at themediasociety.org
Thu Dec 15 10:06:57 PST 2011

Derrick Jensen is no Nelson Mandella. Mandella came from an aristocratic background and became a world leader.

Deep Green Resistance is not the ANC, there is no mass-base for it. Anyway, look at the ANC now, its totally sold-out. GDR is not some political wing of a liberation force, they have no organic base.

its seems to me Derrick Jensen's Deep Green Resistance is more like astroturf, its a top down effort by some powerful leftist publishers capitalizing and the very real threats to the environment and civilization

its the global equivalent of smashing windows of a bank to bring down the financial system, its just a sad farce and probably is more driven by counter-intelligence then genuine activism

its a sad thing that those that suddenly found Green Rapture and consider themselves BORN AGAIN Omnivores Saving the Planet, are attracted or radicalized by this bullshit... its a sad inditement on the Left and the institutional and lifeways available

I am really disappointed Arundhati Roy and Tom Lindsey are lending credibility to this astroturf.. the Environmental Legal Defence Fund offered a real model for community activism, my guess now, like KPFA, its drunk the Jensen Kool Aid, its a one way trip to Jensen's Jones Town

cue the Green Scare http://www.greenisthenewred.com/blog/national-defense-authorization-act-indefinite-detention-citizens/5365/

thing is, the collapse scenario is probable, but driving the system to collapse is basically murder suicide and I want no part of it

some posts I have gleaned on this weird, contradictory and dangerous franchise

Excommunicated from DGR I was hesitant at first to make this information public, for fear of appearing spiteful, (I don’t actually care that much that i was kicked out of the club) but several friends convinced me that it would be best to make this series of events public. Really, if this is what the internet version of DGR is like, i shudder to think what the real life movement could come to look like. http://enkidu.anarchyplanet.org/2011/06/11/excommunicated-from-dgr/

End: CIV "I saw this when it opened in Tucson. It has it’s points, but I think people who fetishize violence are just the sadistic flip side of masochistic pacifists. I told the film maker point blank and he didn’t have a real response. More empty rhetoric for suburbanites who have never been in a fight or even touched a gun as far as I’m concerned." http://www.peopleofcolororganize.com/featured/general/saturday-radical-culture-full-stream-endciv/

Deep Green Resistance, Death Threats and the Police LOL. So Derrick Jensen is<http://vancouver.mediacoop.ca/audio/deep-green-resistance-death-threats-and-police/8014#comment-14120>

"LOL. So Derrick Jensen is fine urging people to bomb dams and other infrastructure which could kill who knows how many people, anything to "take down civilization"... But somebody threatens Derrick Jensen? Runs straight to the FBI. I remember him previously saying he was going to the local police in California over some kids breaking into his house as well. Definitely a hint of hypocrisy". http://vancouver.mediacoop.ca/audio/deep-green-resistance-death-threats-and-police/8014

Calling the cops to the anarchist book-fair http://anarchistnews.org/node/10869

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