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Sat Dec 17 05:43:50 PST 2011

My point was this. Gar's posts contained some concern that people weren't letting CH's friends mourn without having to read nasty words about him. I laughed when I read that, reminded of the history of a list where people specifically mocked Jesse Lemisch, a friend of Willis', for being upset about that criticisms said of her. That isn't just saying critical things of Willis, is mocking his friend who is in mourning! Dwayne Monroe called him the decorum police!

Given that history - and it's not the first time dead lefties have been skewered here - I had no idea that all of a sudden this was a list where protecting the memory of dead lefties until the grass is grown over the grave was of utmost importance!

On top of that, you expect people to know you were a personal friend? I am supposed to know that Dennis Perrin, after slashing and burning Hitchens for years now, was a friend and feels bad that he died. All I've ever read at this list was opinions of the man as a vile person. why on earth would anyone think that, at a list where dead lefties are regularly mocked for their vile positions upon their death, that CH was off limits. There was no reason to think that at all. The onlyperson I can recall thinking highly of him was Peter K who was actually mocked off the list for defending Hitchens!

Doug, you have a serious boundary problem. Discuss what happens on this list, not what you've read at twitter or facebook or where the fuckever. You seem to think everyone lives in your head and we naturally know what you are so freaked out about. This isn't the first time you've been on about some topic because you are having a twitter war with someone and then turn everyone here who vaguely reminds you of that topic into the person with you you are twitter-warring.

Chomsky, otoh, I clearly know that it would be no time to state my opinion about his writing skills when he passes. <> On Fri, Dec 16, 2011 at 5:19 PM, Doug Henwood <dhenwood at panix.com> <> wrote: <>> <>> On Dec 16, 2011, at 8:04 PM, Gar Lipow wrote: <>> <>>> Must have been one of those periods when I was skipping a lot of <>>> posts. I think I would have taken the same position on Willis, <>>> except <>>> that I don't think she ever did anything as terrible as Hitchens. <>> <>> As I recall - I don't have the energy to read through 95 posts or <>> whatever the fuck it is - what set Jesse off was my comment that <>> while I admired Ellen she was a rather difficult person. Which is <>> incontrovertibly true. How does that compare to some of the comments <>> I've read about Hitchens today, which included celebrations of his <>> death? <>> <>> Doug <>> <>> <>> <>> ___________________________________ <>> http://mailman.lbo-talk.org/mailman/listinfo/lbo-talk <> <> OK that makes more sense. Whereas many of the people objecting to some <> of the really awful stuff about Hitchens were nonetheless actually <> pretty ruthlessly critical of it. The piece you said was your <> favorite was pretty rugged. It just noted the good as well as the bad. <> <> -- <> Facebook: Gar Lipow  Twitter: GarLipow <> Grist Blog: http://www.grist.org/member/1598 <> Static page: http://www.nohairshirts.com <> <> ___________________________________ <> http://mailman.lbo-talk.org/mailman/listinfo/lbo-talk <>

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