[lbo-talk] My Letter To CH

dperrin at comcast.net dperrin at comcast.net
Sat Dec 17 06:25:49 PST 2011

" I am supposed to know that Dennis Perrin, after slashing and burning Hitchens for years now, was a friend and feels bad that he died. All I've ever read at this list was opinions of the man as a vile person. why on earth would anyone think that, at a list where dead lefties are regularly mocked for their vile positions upon their death, that CH was off limits."

To quote David Frye channeling Richard Nixon: Let me make this perfectly clear.

I haven't said a word about trashing the late CH. People are free to say anything they like about him. I've merely written about my personal reaction. CH courted shitty opinions about himself, at times reveled in it, so let a thousand "Fuck him!"s fly. It's part of his legacy.


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