[lbo-talk] My Letter To CH

shag carpet bomb shag at cleandraws.com
Sat Dec 17 07:02:16 PST 2011

<> " I am supposed to know that Dennis Perrin, after slashing and burning <> Hitchens for years now, was a friend and feels bad that he died. All <> I've ever read at this list was opinions of the man as a vile person. <> why on earth would anyone think that, at a list where dead lefties are <> regularly mocked for their vile positions upon their death, that CH <> was off limits." <> <> To quote David Frye channeling Richard Nixon: Let me make this <> perfectly clear. <> <> I haven't said a word about trashing the late CH. People are free to <> say anything they like about him. <> I've merely written about my personal reaction. CH courted shitty <> opinions about <> himself, at times reveled in it, so let a thousand "Fuck him!"s fly. <> It's part of his legacy. <> <> Dennis

I wondered. My bad for assuming the person who was a friend and needs to mourn was you. I guess the only person is Doug? Beats me, I don't read everyone on the list.

But this does help because I kind of figured that you, a comedien, would hardly have a problem with violating the norms of polite society.

This bit about Hitchens is interesting. I mean, my guess about contrarians is that they like to be the center of negative attention, no?

FTR, Ravi, when I croak, please make sure people at LBO say crappy things! As my loved ones know, everyone is supposed to have a giant party and if anyone buys flowers or useless crap other than food and booze I will come back to haunt you from the afterlife I don't believe in!

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