[lbo-talk] occupy the hood

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Sun Dec 18 11:02:25 PST 2011

Doug Henwood

> The War on Poverty is a good idea.

It's fought with benefits, jobs, education. How do you fight a war on "structural racism"?

^^^^^^ CB: I'm very insistent in using "white supremacy"instead of racism. So, the War on White Supremacy is fought with multi-formed affirmative action programs ( with quotas, even) and plain old civil rights , anti-discrimination against people of color programs and legal action . Raise the median incomes and educational levels of people of color to that of White people Reverse the _Bakke_ and _Croson_ decisions. and carry out anti-discrimination law the way it was originally intended to protect racial minorities ( the word "minority" is in the cases), not protect racial majorities (duh). A new War on Poverty would disproportionately help people of color (affirmative action) if applied evenly.

This by the way, is exactly where the Reaganite political virus infected attacking Liberal Tax and Spending FOR WELFARE , in the first place, with the accompanying Black welfare queen stereotype ( stereotypes having some basis in truth ,of course, half-truth). This language was code for N-loving white poltiicians, race traitors, LBJ being the number one traitor to the white race with his War on Poverty and Great Society programs.not to mention Civil Rights Act of 1964 et al.

Simultaneously, the anti-capitalist movement must have success in raising all of the 99%'s take of the wealth. The Occupation's position should be disgorge the 1% over to the 99% with people of color and poor white people getting a larger portion, roughly speaking. The tax on the rich should be distributed progressively among the 99%.

But this is a flat picture, not of structures , but of events. To change the _structure_ will really take radical changes not reforms of capitalism. You know the rap.

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