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Tue Dec 20 12:18:30 PST 2011

it looks like this may be because of the risk analysis they are using.

on the page it says, "Not all community banks or credit unions are risk free. Some of them got involved in the same risky behavior that took down some of the biggest banks. Thanks to the volunteer services of an independent bank ratings firm called Institutional Risk Analytics (IRA), you can get a listing of the most sound community banks and credit unions near you. IRA lists only banks that, according to its rating system, which is based on government data, get a grade of “B” or better. Enter your zip code below to find the community banks near you."

Jordan's right, there's nothing much on that move your money page that says that it's all about keeping it local and small.

<> <> On Dec 20, 2011, at 2:51 PM, Jordan Hayes wrote: <> <>> Also: perhaps the biggest impact on banks like BofA in this has been <>> perceptions that have helped drive their stock price down to <>> historic lows. BofA trades at less than 25% of book value! Woo! <> <> When's Buffett going to buy? <> <> THeir propaganda is all about "community" and "local." Securitized <> assets are neither. <> <> The Move Your Money site does not recommend Amalgamated Bank for my <> zip code, even though it's union-owned. They still recommend Apple <> Savings Bank, which has 3/4 of its money in securities, and very <> little of it in local loans. <> ___________________________________ <> http://mailman.lbo-talk.org/mailman/listinfo/lbo-talk <>

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