[lbo-talk] My Letter To CH

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Tue Dec 20 17:20:02 PST 2011

As for biliousness, the feminist blogosphere once had this big discussion about biliousness. The question was about rhetorical tactics and I think it was something Katha Pollit wrote, or maybe Amanda Marcotte. In any event, both Katha and Amanda, as well as others such as Twisty Faster and Jessica Valenti, were seen as really funny and hilarious when they twist the balls of an agreed-on enemy. People said that it was really hilarious when freminist writers were vicious to a shared enemy. To them, it was cathartic to read it. They felt that, when it came to the enemy, they didn't care if same feminists were not just vicious but it was fine to use use unethical debate tactics (logical fallacy) as long as it was in the service of slaying a common foe. -----------------------------

Reminds me of a feminist get-together in the mid seventies where one woman triumphantly reported that she had kicked a young man out of her apartment in the middle of the night because he could not get it up.

It seemed to me a horrific thing to do, but the other women chortled.

And, on the same topic, I'd like to report I'm making my way through a very interesting book called "The Myth of Male Dominance" by Eleanor Leacock. I recommend it.


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