[lbo-talk] puppets

Wojtek S wsoko52 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 23 05:54:46 PST 2011

Shag quoted: "Puppets surely represent the other one, the recuperation of the sacred and unalienated experience in the collective festival. "

[WS:] Yup. I was Harriet Tubman once at an anti-Persian Gulf War 1 demo. Making those things seemed even more important than wearing them at a demo. It was a collective effort that involved both pedagogy and fun. The pedagogy element came from those artistically talented showing those artistically challenged (such as myself) how to make those things, whereas fun came from the party atmosphere at the workshop (if memory serves this was some local artist's studio) and an opportunity to get laid. Interestingly, though, there were not that many female characters to begin with and the male protesters (with an exception of a few goofballs such as myself) tended to shun them - Marx, Engels, Che & the likes were much more in demand. That reminded me of a comment that someone once made about the sixties - men were making a revolution, while women were making coffee for them.


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