[lbo-talk] why Paul is a fascist

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Fri Dec 23 12:47:25 PST 2011

Joseph is correct; and given the general misuse of "fascist," I would suggest that it be regarded as a technical term (jargon) amongst leftists, & its reference be confined to those movements that emerged in the interwar period. It really can be crucial to (left) political practice to understand and be clear about variations of repressive regimes. The secrecy necessary in an open autocracy (fascism or Czarism of Military dictatorships to name three) needs to be avoided in other kinds of repressive state. We live in a pretty damn repressive state, willing to murder its own citizens, but secrecy in political organization would play into the hands of that reression rather than contribute to resisting it. "The American Gulag" is a metaphor, not an identity. "Apartheid," as recently illustrated on this list, can really distort understanding of and resistance to racial oppression in the U.S.

Anti-capitalist politics is not a science, but some of the care of scientific thought, including some care with terminology, is needed. (Random sneers at jargon, almost always NOT accompanied by any particular example, can contribute to sloppy thinking.)


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It depends on how you define your terms, I guess. To me, a word that can mean pretty much anything effectively means nothing.

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My read of the wiki 'fascism' page informs me that the word has lots of
> definitions - if anything it is overflowing with content, which tide is
> sweeping discussion along.

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