[lbo-talk] Crisis of the Left: Doug Henwood, Mike Ely, Stephen Eric Bronner and many others speaking this week!

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Sun Nov 13 22:48:48 PST 2011

The Platypus Affiliated Society is hosting a series of panel discussions on the past, present, and future of the Left. These conversations will take place this week in Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia, and next week in Thessaloniki, Greece. Stay tuned for Boston. Locations, dates, times, speakers, and questions can be found below and at our website, http://crisis.platypus1917.org.

Chicago, Nov. 15th <http://crisis.platypus1917.org/?p=10>

Tuesday, Nov. 15th, 7:30 – 9:30pm, U of C Harper Memorial Library, Room 130, 1116 E. 59th St., Chicago, IL. Speakers: Mike Ely (kasama), Roberta Garner (depaul, science & society), Alexander Hanna (uw-madison). Moderated by Greg Gabrellas.

New York City, Nov. 16 <http://crisis.platypus1917.org/?p=12>

Wednesday, Nov. 16th, 7:00 – 9:30pm, NYU Silver Center, Room 207, 31 Washington Place, New York, NY. Speakers: Paul Berman (nyu), Carl Dix (rcp-usa), Doug Henwood (lbo), Bertell Ollman (nyu), Marco Roth and Nikil Saval (n+1). Moderated by Jeremy Cohan.

Philadelphia, Nov. 17 <http://crisis.platypus1917.org/?p=14>

Thursday, Nov. 17th, 6:30 – 9:00pm, TU Tuttleman Learning Center, Room 301A, 1210 W. Berks St., Philadelphia, PA. Speakers: Stephen Eric Bronner (rutgers), Gabriel Rockhill (villanova), Richard Rubin (platypus). Moderated by Ben Landau Beispiel.

Thessaloniki, Nov. 23 <http://crisis.platypus1917.org/?p=16>

Wednesday, Nov. 23rd, 6:00 – 9:00pm, Aristotle University’s new building of School of Philosophy, Room 112, Thessaloniki, Greece. Speakers: Stavros Mavroudeas, Xristos Laskos, Grigoris Tsilimantos, Babis Kouroundis. Moderated by Teo Velissaris.

Boston, TBD <http://crisis.platypus1917.org/?p=18>

Boston, MA — TBD — The Crisis of the Left and the Occupy Movement


*Crisis*: *Pathol*. The point in the progress of a disease when an important development or change takes place which is decisive of recovery or death.

Many on the Left feel a sense of crisis.

Existing strategies and theories seem inadequate in a bewildering contemporary political scene. Disparate groups have begun to show an interest in rethinking the fundamentals of Left politics. The *Platypus* Affiliated Society <http://platypus1917.org/about/> seeks to make the conversation explicit, and to host a series of discussions about the crisis of the contemporary Left: its quality, causes, and significance for future reconstitution and transformation.

Across five cities worldwide (Chicago <http://crisis.platypus1917.org/?p=10> , New York City <http://crisis.platypus1917.org/?p=12>, Philadelphia<http://crisis.platypus1917.org/?p=14> , Thessaloniki <http://crisis.platypus1917.org/?p=16>, Boston<http://crisis.platypus1917.org/?p=18>), we’ve invited figures from across the Left–academics, political organizers, theorists– to answer and debate six fundamental questions. We also pose these questions to the Left as a whole and invite responses from all quarters. The questions below stem from confusion; taking nothing for granted, we hope that confronting this confusion might open up future possibilities for renewed consciousness and practice on the Left.

- How would you define the Left?

- Do you think the Left is in crisis? If so, then what constitutes the


- In trying to understand the contemporary Left, what history matters

most? What tasks and problems have we inherited from the Old Left and the

New Left?

- Could the Left have done something to avoid its current impasses? If

so, what?

- What is the relationship between the Left and anti-capitalism? Between

the Left and Marxism? What should it be?

- How does the Left need to change? Who is responsible for making the

change happen?

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