[lbo-talk] Crisis of the Left: Doug Henwood, Mike Ely, Stephen Eric Bronner and many others speaking this week!

Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Mon Nov 14 07:22:09 PST 2011

Not me, after all.


I just sent this note to the organizers of Wednesday’s Platypus “Crisis of the Left” panel:

On reflection, I’ve decided to withdraw from Wednesday’s panel. I’ve had my reservations about the whole Platypus project for a long time, but in re-reading some of your material, which put words like “imperialism” and “antiwar” in scare quotes, those reservations deepened. But Chris Cutrone’s comment on Facebook that “Platypus aims more at ideological diversity in our events than race/gender/sexuality diversity” was the last straw. If you’re holding a panel on the crisis of the left, then it’d be far more useful and relevant to have a feminist and a smart identitarian in the mix than a vile character like Paul Berman and a party hack from a Maoist cult. I see no point in spending an evening on this. I’d much rather spend the time with my kid.


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