[lbo-talk] Paul Sweezy's final exam for his 1939-1940 Harvard course, The Economi cs of Socialism

Jim Farmelant farmelantj at juno.com
Mon May 29 14:36:12 PDT 2017

See: https://mronline.org/2017/05/21/paul-sweezys-economics-of-socialism-final/

I think that in a contemporary version of that course one could still use many of the same texts that Sweezy used. Obviously, Marx and Lenin, also, Oskar Lange and Maurice Dobb.

Sweezy presumably provided some coverage of the socialist calculation debate, since one of the course texts was Oskar Lange's On the Economic Theory of Socialism. So we would probably want to include texts like Ludwig von Mises's "Economic calculation in the socialist commonwealth" and Friedrich Hayek's essay, "The use of knowledge in society."

More recent writers would have to be added like Sweezy himself, as well as people like David Schweickart and Paul Cockshott.

Ludwig von Mises, "Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth" https://mises.org/library/economic-calculation-socialist-commonwealth

Friedrich Hayek, "The Use of Knowledge in Society" http://www.econlib.org/library/Essays/hykKnw1.html

A. C. Pigou, Socialism versus Capitalism https://archive.org/details/in.ernet.dli.2015.1133

Oskar Lange, On the Economic Theory of Socialism https://www.math.snu.ac.kr/~hichoi/infomath/Articles/(O.%20Lange)%20On%20the%20economic%20theory%20of%20socialism,%20Part%201.pdf

Paul Cockshott, publications https://glasgow.academia.edu/paulcockshott

Summary of David Schweickart's After Capitalism http://ouleft.org/wp-content/themes/wpremix3/images/AfterCapitalism.pdf

Paul Sweezy. The Theory of Capitalist Development http://digamo.free.fr/sweezy42.pdf

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