[lbo-talk] Fatuous Dreams

Cox, Carrol cbcox at ilstu.edu
Tue Jun 13 16:08:20 PDT 2017

>From Common Dreams:

***Naomi Klein offers five steps on how to recognize-and fight back against-the president's "wildly pro-corporate policies"**

Klein and Common Dreams are equally hopeless. The deceiving (and self-deceiving) rhetoric here is embedded in the adverb, "wildly." Take away that and the description fits every single post-war U.S. administration!

And it will continue to fit every future administration so long as a capitalist U.S. survives.


P.S. This description (fatuous dreams) also fits today's Pen-L posts from Ron Baiman.

P.S. 2 It also fits all those who believe the U.S. prison system can be reformed.

P.S. 3 Luxemburg's _or_ is now past tense: Barbarism is Here: Probably to stay.

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