[lbo-talk] Tonight (Weds.) "No Blood for Oil" by George Caffentzis

Mitchel Cohen mitchelcohen at mindspring.com
Wed Jul 12 08:56:12 PDT 2017

No Blood for Oil George Caffentzis (co-sponsored with Autonomedia and Marxist Education Project) Wednesday, July 12 7 pm

at New Perspectives Theatre, 456-458 West 37th Street (near 10th Avenue), Ground Floor, Manhattan

The oil industry is at the center of the major struggles of today, but is Marxist theory able to explain its behavior? The oil industry presents a paradox to Marxism. How is it that oil companies employ relatively few workers and invest in a relatively large amount of machinery, but still are the largest and most profitable companies on the planet? It should be otherwise, if profits come from exploiting worker's labor. In his book, No Blood for Oil: Essays on Energy, Class Struggle and War 1998-2016, George Caffentzis shows how Marxism resolves this paradox and accounts for the peculiar role that the oil industry plays in contemporary capitalism as generator of ecological devastation, war and exploitation. Come to discuss the struggle of the exchange of blood for oil.

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